Praying for the sick in hospital

There was a story recently, about Farid, our worker who was accompanying his parents in the hospital. He was praying to find people of peace* in that place.

Then God directed him to approach a couple who were talking about their husband’s illness who was lying in bed moaning. In fact, all of his lab results were normal. Farid then offered a prayer in the name of Jesus and they accepted it. When he was prayed for, he felt an electric current in his sick stomach and in short, he immediately recovered from his illness and was able to go home that day. 

This opened up a further relationship with the couple’s extended family, with 9 adult children.

People of peace are everywhere. God will connect us with them as we are being conspicuously spiritual like Farid, offering to pray for the sick in hospital.

*A person of peace is someone who is spiritually open and hungry and who shares what they have discovered with others.