Prayerful Muslims

Tonight is a significant night for Muslims around the world. ‘Laylat al Qadr’ or the ‘Night of Power’ is believed to be a night like no other. Muslims believe there is a special open heaven where their prayers will be answered as they pray.  

The team at Melbourne University met Ali whilst prayer walking the campus during O-Week earlier this year. Ali is a Muslim from an Asian background studying his PhD as an international student in Australia. 

After a brief conversation describing how they had been praying for the campus, the team invited Ali to be part of a Discovery Bible Study at a local cafe. Ali enthusiastically accepted the invitation to come. He had been earnestly seeking other spiritual experiences on campus up to this point. He said he was looking forward to praying with followers of Jesus.

Some of the team were invited to Ali’s home recently to share a delicious Asian meal. They were amazed to hear that Ali was already starting to share what he was learning at the cafe with his sister who had helped prepare the food. The team asked Ali’s sister how they could all pray as they ate and are excited to connect with this household again.

Millions of Muslims around us are desperately crying out to Allah for answers to their prayers. Not just on the Night of Power, but every day. But tonight, countless Christians will be praying for their prayerful Muslim friends. Friends like Ali and his family. That they would encounter ‘Isa al Masih’ (Jesus Christ) as they earnestly seek Allah’s favour.

Jesus has commissioned us to make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:19). This includes all Muslims. Jesus taught his own disciples how to pray (see Luke 11). A disciple is someone who learns how to pray. Someone like Ali, praying tonight.