Online training bearing fruit

After being coached through our online DMM (Disciple Making Movement) Core Training, a new contact, Nouman, has started several Discovery Groups. A couple of local groups and two others back in his home country. 

Referring to the training, Nouman says it has brought about a significant shift in his thinking

‘The DMM Training has challenged my traditional understanding of discipleship and expanded my perspective on making disciples. I have come to realise the importance of empowering and equipping others to become disciple-makers themselves, rather than relying solely on my own efforts.’

He tells us how the training has been helpful in equipping him to make disciples

‘It provided practical tools and strategies that I could apply in real-life situations. The emphasis on simple and reproducible methods, such as Discovery Groups and spiritual conversations, has been transformative. I learned how to effectively engage with others, ask thought-provoking questions, and guide them in discovering biblical truths on their own.’

Nouman reflects on how since undergoing the DMM training, he has witnessed what he says is ‘remarkable fruit in my disciple making efforts’

‘I have started multiple Discovery Groups, where individuals gather to explore the Word of God and encourage one another in their faith. These groups have grown not only in numbers but also in depth of understanding and commitment to Christ. Through prayer and intentional spiritual conversations, I have seen lives transformed and individuals taking steps towards a deeper relationship with God.’

Finally, Nouman encourages others to do the training

‘I wholeheartedly recommend the DMM Training to anyone seeking to make a lasting impact in disciple making. The training offers a fresh and practical approach that aligns with the heart of Jesus’ Great Commission. It equips individuals to effectively engage with others, create multiplying discipleship movements, and foster a culture of disciple-making within their communities. The training has been invaluable in my own journey, and I believe it can empower others to experience similar transformation and fruitfulness.’