Movement to 3rd generation in PNG villages

Inspired by Luke 10, where Jesus sent his disciples into the surrounding villages without any provisions, Steve went into PNG from North Queensland being dropped off by a pilot. He found himself in a remote village, intentionally not organising where to stay. 

Whilst sharing about God from village to village, Steve described how to discover God through Discovery Bible Study. In the first village, a friend of Steve’s really caught onto the vision. By the time Steve reached the last village (about a three hour paddle up river from the first), this friend caught up with him again. He told Steve, “There’s forty seven men who are gathering who don’t go to church but are discovering God for themselves!”. 

After this initial Discovery Group, Steve recalled the training he had received on seeing multiplication happen from the beginning. He wondered how these men could also start more Discovery Groups of their own. Steve described how this could look to his friend before returning to Australia. 

Later, Steve received a call from his friend from a village in PNG. He told him how all forty seven men have now started their own Discovery Bible Studies amongst their extended families and friends. 48 groups with four to five hundred men, women and children are beginning to gather to discover God in these villages. More recently we have heard that another ten groups have started from these initial groups. 

(One man and his family who are gathering for Discovery Bible Study)

Steve reflects saying, “This multiplication has not centred around me at all! It has centred around the word of God and forty seven men applying it to their lives, which are being transformed. These are ordinary, non-Christian people who are just sharing the word of God with their mates and friends as they go about their lives.”