Meeting the neighbours

Before Easter, Jill was struggling with isolation and how best to meet people of peace in her community. As she gardened, she prayed, ‘Lord, how do I meet people of peace when I can’t leave home? 

Jill heard a little girl playing in the courtyard outside her house. Jill had an idea – she dressed a large teddy bear in a t-shirt and hoisted him on a pole to sit on top of the fence that separated Jill and the little girl’s family. Jill heard giggles of delight.

Jill also attached a shopping bag with a note, giving her neighbours her name and phone number. A note came back, telling Jill their names. After a couple of notes and gifts back and forth, Jill received a text message with a plea from the little girl to come to her front courtyard Рshe wanted to see what Jill looked like!

The next day the little girl and her mum (dressed in a hijab) shared dates and walnuts in Jill’s sunroom.

Join us as we pray for Jill and her neighbours:

– On the eve of Ramadan, Jill sent a note to her neighbours, ‘I’m praying you encounter Allah this season’. Let’s join with Jill in praying for this family and all people observing Ramadan.

– Thank God for showing Jill this way of meeting her neighbours and may he continue to grow their friendship for his glory.