Matriarch praying for ‘the right way’

Late last year, we commissioned a team for Central Asia. They commenced their mission with prayer, specifically praying along the border of an unreached and challenging-to-access nation. During their travels to very remote areas for prayer, they encountered spiritually hungry individuals. Notably, in one mountainous region, people have been receptive to prayer, and the sharing of Bible stories has begun.

“On one occasion, our team sat with a matriarch of a village who is wanting to love her enemies. She prays daily for God to show her ‘the right way’. We shared some stories of Jesus and we talked freely about the One sent from the Father. In that same village, connections were made with some women in a field, carrying water buckets back to their home. We discovered they had never heard of Jesus” – from one of our Central Asian team members

The team continues to pray and take steps to engage in long term work in this border region.