Interrupted by answers to prayer

Our team in Sydney have been encouraged to see God literally interrupting them as they pray.

Recently as they were praying together, one of their team shared that his uncle had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This uncle had seemed non-spiritual and anti-Christian. So they prayed for this man.

Immediately after praying for him, the teammate got a text message from a Christian family member. He read out the message to those who were just praying – his uncle had decided to follow Jesus after a believer visited him in hospital.

In another time of prayer, the team were interrupted by a phone call.

It was a mum who was really concerned for her son. Her son was an old footy mate that the team all knew. They had been discipling him in the past but he had returned to drugs and was now suffering a mental breakdown.

They stopped and prayed for their mate and his mum joined in prayer over the phone.

Since this time of prayer, things have turned right around. Their mate is now on medication, he senses he has had a real wake up call from God and wants to follow Jesus. He’s been sharing with a friend who wants to learn about Jesus too.