Intentional immersion amongst refugees

Recognising where God is already at work then diving into that space, boots and all, is a key principle in disciple making movements. Our role is to simply, but obediently, join in where God is working.

Marc and Lisa our Praxeis leaders in Seattle are doing just that.

Over the past year, they have received and hosted several Afghan refugee families into their own home. They welcome them as they transition from life in Afghanistan to daily life in Seattle. A huge leap for these families coming from very traumatic situations.

For years now Marc and Lisa’s world has been full of refugees that they are caring for and sharing Jesus with. But now, at a time when most people their age are reassessing their own security and ensuring their personal comfort for the years ahead, Marc and Lisa are relocating. They are intentionally immersing themselves into the harvest field that God has called them to. Moving out of their own family home in a leafy Seattle suburb to a smaller house in Renton. This is a suburb on the outskirts of the city that is home to the majority of refugees in the Seattle region.

We are inspired by the Marc and Lisa’s response to God’s call on their lives. God is definitely not bound by our western views of life’s seasons. He is simply delighted by our steps to follow him wherever he leads.