I do want to believe!

Serene’s aunty had a stroke about 3 weeks ago.

Aunty had never shown any interest in faith and could have been described as anti-Jesus. However, her family wanted to try and share again about their faith with Aunty while she recovered from this life-altering experience.

While she was in the hospital, Serene’s sisters told Aunty about Jesus but she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him.

The family then asked Serene to visit Aunty and talk with her about believing in Jesus. Serene is part of the MyWorld group Jill Birt is leading in WA. As part of this group, Serene is learning to share stories of Jesus and have spiritual conversations.

Serene knew that trying to persuade Aunty to believe wasn’t going to work, so she brushed up on her Cantonese and went to the rehab ward to tell stories. She shared stories with Aunty from the Bible about the lost sheep and the lost coin (Luke 15:3-10). On one visit, Serene told Aunty the story of the sower and the soils (Luke 8:4-15).

After hearing this story, and to Serene’s great surprise, Aunty said, ‘I do want to believe in Jesus!’

How wonderful!

Due to the language barrier, the plan now is for Serene to teach her mum and dad (who speak much better Cantonese than Serene!) how to do a Discovery Bible Study with Aunty. Serene’s parents are both believers but have never been discipled.

We are praising God not only that Aunty is keen to believe in Jesus but also for the opportunity Serene has to disciple her parents. We are yet again reminded how God works through strong relationships to see people come to him.

There are more members of this family who don’t yet know Jesus – we ask you to join us as we pray for this entire family and that God’s word and love will be passed along.