Holiday hospitality

The Baumans often celebrate Somali and Afghan Eids (holidays). They felt to reciprocate by having an ‘open home’ to celebrate Christmas with these migrant friends last weekend. 

After some invitations and preparations (including baking over 100 cookies for the children!), several families came over. This was along with some of the Bauman’s own family and friends who they have been doing Discovery Bibles Studies with. 

Meals and the good news were shared in creative ways via art, video and the giving of gifts (such as pictured here).

A spiritually open Afghan woman had previously been staying at the Baumans’ home. She’s been invited to another believer’s place on Christmas Day to join their family’s Christmas dinner.

Hospitality and discipling communities like this are powerful ways to share the good news during holiday seasons like Christmas. Modelling church in this way is key to making disciples.