Helping Kenyan women discover Jesus

Whilst visiting an African slum recently, Praxeis worker, Mel met some women and encouraged them to start discovering Jesus. 

Mel says, “The latest news is that half of them have started a new life with Jesus and they are active sharers amongst other women in the slums.”

“Due to living in such poor circumstances, they can’t even afford to buy their own Bible. As a long-term solution, the local DMM team are looking into micro-business opportunities that these women can start in order to support themselves and those around them.”

“In the photo, you can see us walking into the slum. After meeting some women, one of them invited us into her ‘house’ and she has certainly proven to be a person of peace since.”

Showing people how to discover Jesus is simple but requires intentionality. People of peace are the ones who welcome us into their lives and show spiritual hunger as we help them experience God.