Good news Friday

Last week, eight leaders from another faith gathered at the home of a DMM Worker in South East Asia. The leaders came from far-away villages, trying to avoid their own communities seeing them discuss the Bible.

The meeting began early in the morning, going through the day and into the night. Together they explored what the Bible says in relation to their own faith traditions.

The next day, after travelling back to their villages, all the leaders texted the worker, each sharing that they had experienced something new spiritually since the meeting. The worker was so excited to receive these messages.

The group has since agreed to meet again – to continue exploring the Bible and consider how each leader can share their learning in their own community.

The DMM worker has said there is a real peace among this group. There is no pressure to prove Jesus to the leaders, instead, he is focused on the group exploring the Bible and learning together. God seems to be revealing new things to the DMM worker as well, as we coach and train him.

Now that’s good news.