From psychic to sower

Adrian practiced mysticism and often meditated at sacred places. He was also often asked to heal sick people. One day, while he was meditating, he successively saw two figures, one was the guardian of the sacred place, while the other was an old man in a white robe. This old man was a stranger to Adrian so he asked who he was. The old man replied “I Am who I Am”. Adrian never forgot that experience.

Several months ago, Adrian reached out to us via an online ministry after feeling guilty about betraying his wife. He asked to study the Bible. After hearing about Adrian’s vision, we enthusiastically asked him to read several Bible verses about “I Am who I Am”. Since then Adrian has become increasingly enthusiastic about reading the Bible to discover Jesus.

However, Adrian not only studied the Bible for himself, he also shared it with his wife, their teenage daughter and extended family. Adrian’s entire household now confesses that they believe in Jesus and have been baptised. He also shares how the bitterness in his family relations are healing. 

Today, Adrian now leads three Discovery Groups while his wife is leading a women’s group. People in these gatherings are now asking to get baptised. One has even multiplied with a second generation group now meeting. 

Previously, Adrian was well connected in his community with people often seeking his advice a psychic. These days he is leading them to discover Jesus!

God moves through multipliers like Adrian. People who become abundant sowers of the seed of God’s Word to their existing network. Insiders who are already the spiritual leaders but who then encounter and are transformed by the great “I Am”.