Earthquake response

A recent and devastating earthquake has hit a region of South East Asia where we have a local team. Hundreds of people are dead with 60,000 people displaced. 

Bob is part of the team that has immediately responded to the disaster by conducting surveys of the affected villages and offering assistance. On his way to the location, Bob stopped to eat at a food stall. He noticed a husband and wife at a table near his who looked traumatised. After starting a conversation, Bob realised this couple were victims of the earthquake. They fled since after their house collapsed. However they were on their way back to see family members who had not yet been evacuated. They invited Bob to join them. 

Bob offered to pray for the woman since she had been injured when her house collapsed. This couple welcomed the prayer. They quickly discovered Bob was a follower of Jesus. Bob was introduced to their family and others still living in at the site of the quake. A close friendship is forming with the husband. These ‘people of peace’ now accompany Bob back in their village. Since the earthquake has occurred in a region from the majority faith, it has been difficult for believers to enter and offer any help. 

Donations given to the team are allowing Bob to work with the locals to install a water filter that supplies clean drinking water to 400 residents. So far, this has opened the door for Bob to start conversations using Discovery Bible Study (DBS) questions with one family. The team are praying and seeking more opportunities like this to minister both practically and spiritually in the aftermath of this disaster. 

Access ministries like this can open the way for God to meet people in their darkest hour. The DBS questions can be used as a way to spiritually engage with ‘people of peace’, the insiders within a movement who will naturally share God’s Word with others.