Discovery Bible Studies for ‘worst sinners’

The New Zealand Praxeis team has found Auckland a ‘tough nut’ to crack! Things simply haven’t been shifting. In response, Roger and the team started mobilising teams of pray-ers to see workers and teams of disciple makers raised up across the city. They have become connected with Mike during their recent 40 Days of Prayer. He is a well respected pastor in the city and had heard about Discovery Bible Studies (DBS).  

Mike quickly arranged a group of people he felt would be keen to be trained in disciple making. After starting this training recently, Mike has already seen three DBS groups start! Two in Auckland and one in Zambia. 

Below is an update from Mike after an online time with Daniel in Zambia (as he coaches him in starting DBS):

“Thank you all for praying. Daniel called this morning and shared about the wonderful time with the DBS.  He is absolutely sold on the concept. Last week when we both prayed together, he felt strongly that God was going to do something with drug addicts.  That the power of God would be manifested through people like this.” 

Daniel told Mike how each of the DBS questions led to great discussions from every person in the group. When it came to the question, ’who can you share this with?’, one of the group members said:

“Can I bring my friends next week?  Whenever I take them to church they are looked upon as the worst sinners so they don’t want to go back. But they will come to this!”.

Many of this man’s friends are struggling with drug addiction. 

While these groups are at the early stages, we believe they not only show the power of prayer but the importance of simple obedience.  Spiritual breakthrough for Auckland is happening! Workers are even multiplying from the city into Zambia where the ‘worst sinners’ are being invited to discover God through DBS.  

Mike has captured the simplicity of getting the word of God into the hands of people, letting it work through obedience and sharing it immediately with others.

Jesus did this in Levi’s house when he called him and immediately ate with his friends, those the religious leaders called ‘sinners’. Jesus answers these leaders by saying,

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance”. (Luke 5:30-32)