Discovering God’s power

Praxeis worker, Mike and his wife, have been facilitating an online Discovery Bible Study with a person of peace, Julie, and some of her friends – mainly from a Buddhist background. In one Bible study, they explored the story of the paralysed man whose friends lowered him down through the roof so that Jesus could heal him (Mark 2:1-12).

When it came to sharing how each person would apply what they learnt from this Bible story – Chloe explained she had had a sore wrist for some time. She had tried everything to help her wrist get better (including medical doctors and yoga) but nothing seemed to work. Chloe shared that maybe she could ask for forgiveness and healing from Jesus and he might heal her.

Mike said they could pray for Chloe’s healing right then, online – the group was a little shocked but gave it a go. Instantly Chloe said her wrist felt warm. The group encouraged Chloe to move her wrist around to see how it felt – the pain was gone.

Chloe couldn’t believe it! She jumped on Instagram to share with all her friends that she had been healed by praying to Jesus.

Update: Since Chloe’s healing, this Discovery group has met online again.

This time they studied the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. As they discussed how they would apply the learnings of this story – Julie, who had previously come to saving faith in Jesus, stated that she felt like the passage highlighted how Jesus is our connection to God. Chloe and another lady, Pat, said they felt like Jesus was tugging at their hearts to be this connection to God in their lives as well

Right there and then, Chloe and Pat prayed and asked Jesus to be their saviour.