Breakthrough prayer with no strings attached

Ma Chaan lives in a remote Akha village in the hills of Laos. She has been unwell  for sometime unable to walk, needing full care. Her two daughters live in the city in the same house as our Praxeis leader Kaz. 

Kaz has visited Ma Chaan’s village in the past and prayed for years asking God for breakthrough. Recently, Kaz asked the eldest daughter if she had shared Jesus with her family who have many struggles. She answered ‘I can’t … we don’t have the right words in our language’.

Ma Chaan’s husband brought her from the village to a city hospital seeking help but after a few days of tests the doctors said there was nothing they could do for her.

Disappointed, they came to stay at the house with their daughters before returning to the village. As those in the house helped to care for Ma Chaan, she became open to receive prayer. The daughters and friends gathered around and prayed for healing and the blessing of Jesus. The eldest daughter translated the prayer into Akha. Those praying for healing explained to Ma Chaan, that to receive Jesus and his blessings she will need to remove the strings from her wrist (they were tied on by the village witch doctor following an animal sacrifice for blessing). 

She agreed. The many strings on her wrists and ankles were cut off.  Something shifted and Ma Chaan said that she felt something good inside of her as they prayed. She is still needing a lot of care but her health has improved significantly since this time of prayer. 

God is starting to answer Kaz’s many prayers for the village with this significant breakthrough. Through translating a prayer, these young women have been empowered to share Jesus in their own language. They are excited to start sharing stories of faith with their family and village. These are clear signs of the beginnings of movement.