Belonging to a wider tribe

This is Dave’s story. It’s one of connecting with and the importance of belonging to a broader disciple-making tribe. One like Praxeis:

“I was praying and pondering how I could obey and see Jesus’ commission of making disciples in my local community of Traralgon (a town in regional Victoria, Australia) and beyond. 

I saw what disciple making looked like on a trip to India years ago. This inspired me. Yet I strongly felt God’s call to the people in my own community back home. So I started reading some books and did some training. These were all great resources. However I felt alone in the challenge of applying what I was learning. Despite having good friends, I found endeavouring to gain some momentum with DMM really tough. 

How wonderful that God works in mysterious ways! For on the way home from a trip about a year ago, a guy sat next to me on the plane. We chatted about life and quickly discovered a similar heartbeat for DMM. Yet this guy had a widespread community of people who were committed to DMM. 

He graciously invited me to some online meetings where I joined their prayer and catch up times. It was such a blessing. I loved meeting, chatting and praying with people from all around the place. All of them are trying to obey Jesus in their local context like me. 

I was welcomed further into this like-minded community for their ‘Tribe Time’ gathering. This was a really encouraging and rewarding time for me. I felt like I wasn’t alone in the mission. I left feeling equipped to see disciple making take off in and around Traralgon.

I continued to pray for God to raise up workers locally. Recently, some guys from the bible study group I’m part of are showing a desire to learn and grow in disciple making and multiplication. I’ve been using and seeing the power of the Discovery Bible Study at work. The Holy Spirit is teaching people his truths. And they are taking these and making them a foundation in their lives. What an encouragement! 

We’re praying and desiring this to continue with one guy and his family in particular. It’s such a joy to be carrying the vision together; to see disciple making communities birthed and multiply all around the place. 

I’m very much still a learner as I simply endeavour to obey Jesus. I need his ongoing wisdom and empowering. But I’m incredibly grateful for His hand in leading me to the Praxeis community. What motivation, inspiration and joy they bring!”

Isolation always kills multiplication. Belonging to a broader community of disciple makers is vital. Jesus models this to us as he created a community of disciples that multiplied. He is still doing this today. We as a Praxeis tribe from around the world exist to do the same.