An Iraqi’s passion

Wazir in Iraq

Wazir first encountered Jesus through his sister in Iraq. His sister, having lived with disabilities all of her life, was part of a group that helped care for her needs. There was something very different about this community. They prayed, read scripture and followed Jesus together. Wazir’s life started to change the more he became part of this faith community. At this time, God started to call him to care for those often overlooked by society. 

After becoming a leader of a large charity in Iraq, Wazir had to flee the country. He had received several death threats on his life. He soon arrived in Australia as a refugee along with his family. 

Meeting Wazir

We met Wazir at an English conversation class. What caught our attention was that he was a man of faith. We asked him if he knew of anybody who might be interested in reading the Bible. He started to invite his relational network to a weekly Discovery Bible Study at his home.

Multiplication amongst Iraqis

After several years, the group that meets at Wazir’s home has multiplied into several other groups. Meanwhile, Wazir continues to serve amongst Iraqis with disabilities.

At Easter time this year, Wazir started a group for the intellectually disabled. He hopes to see this multiply as well. His heart bursts with passion for these people to discover God. A typical gathering involves prayer, acting out a Bible story, singing traditional Iraqi hymns, playing games and of course eating some delicious Iraqi food.

People of peace are people with a passion

Wazir has a real heart for his community to discover God. Through his own personal journey, God has placed in him a deep passion to reach out to those around him with disabilities. His heart is for each one to have the opportunity to discover who Jesus is and share him with their friends.

There are examples of ‘People of Peace’ like this who cared deeply for their community in the New Testament Church. Men like Cornelius, whose ‘prayers and gifts to the poor [came] up as a memorial offering before God’ (Acts 10:4).

These people are crucial leaders when it comes to catalysing disciple making movements. They are the implementers of Jesus’ Great Commission amongst their community. So many of them are spiritually hungry and ready to follow Jesus. Many are waiting (some even praying like Cornelius) to meet the Peters who would help their community meet and follow Jesus.