A simple invitation

A simple invitation … following the relational streams.

You just never know where a simple invitation might lead.

Back in May, Praxeis worker Vicki sent an invitation out to her friends, asking if people would join her to pray on the Night of Power – the holiest night of the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan. Vicki had a group gathering to pray but was also really keen to see whether prayer could be multiplied and for others to pray in their natural contexts and friendships.

One of Vicki’s friends, Janelle, put her hand up to pray. After pondering who to pray with, Janelle invited Lily, her non-believing friend, to join her. Lily’s best friend had recently converted to Islam upon marriage and so Janelle’s invite to pray for Muslims seemed timely. Lily accepted this invite and Janelle and Lily caught up on the Night of Power and prayed together – a time of Janelle sharing about God’s love and simple prayer.

After the Night of Power, Janelle and Lily continued to catch up, pray together, go for walks and generally share life. They even went to the first few sessions of an Alpha course.

While all this was happening Vicki and Janelle kept in contact. Vicki showed Janelle what is involved in being part of a Discovery Bible Study as well as thinking through what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples.

We are excited to share that Janelle, Lily and another friend have met for their first Discovery Bible Study. It seems God has used a simple invitation and a stream of friends to reach people with his message.

Please continue to pray for Janelle, Lily and this little Discovery Group as they explore what Jesus has for their lives and continue to share and invite others to discover what it means to follow Jesus.