A great way to plant a church

Victor has recently planted a church that is multiplying into various spheres from one Ugandan district. After praying for a Person of Peace, God led him to a new believer, Immaculate. 

She gathered some of her family and neighbours together to share the Lord’s Supper, pray for each other and participate in a Discovery Bible Study (DBS). This was after Victor describing it as a non-threatening way to start discipling people before they are believers.

After the DBS, 21-year-old Eselu asked, “Can I lead next week?”. His mother responded to the question, “How will you apply this passage to your life this coming week?”. He said, “I need to commit my life to Jesus”, and he did. Other participants also promised to be disciples and start DBS groups.

Two other students, Jane and Tom, said they desire to see their fellow students from all over Uganda know Jesus. They committed to co-lead a DBS group on their University campus. While one of the students is not yet a believer, they both see how a DBS can be the beginning of many stories of faith amongst their fellow students. 

This new church is committing to meet for a DBS together every week and to encourage their friends and neighbours to do the same. They believe that transformation comes naturally when people are empowered to read and consider God’s Word for themselves.