DMM Training


Singapore DMM Training

There are a number of opportunities to develop your understanding and practice as disciple-makers in Singapore and around the world. All training and workshops can be delivered in an online format.

Cell groups and Bible studies made easy

Training and coaching in facilitating Bible Discovery groups. A simple and replicable process that is effective for both discipleship and outreach in small groups.

EV Boleh!

Evangelism boleh!

It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be scary … or awkward.

Partnering with God can be natural, fun and life-giving for normal people like you and me!

This 2.5 hour interactive learning session will equip you with some Biblical paradigm shifts and simple, practical tools that will move you towards greater freedom and effectiveness in evangelism.

Prepare for a new degree of freedom as you learn how to partner with God’s work in the harvest fields where He has placed you.

Journey this process with your group of like-minded buddies (20 maximum).

Let’s put the Lord of the harvest back at the centre – where He belongs.

Local Missions DMM Training (LMT)

Local Missions DMM Training is a 6-month group discovery-based learning process that will transform how you engage with God & the harvest.

The Local Missions Training (LMT) teaches the fundamentals of disciple-making to help anyone interested in both local evangelism and cross-cultural missions. Our emphasis is to use simple steps particularly amongst people less comfortable in Christian settings. 

The training consists of half-day sessions over 6 months where we introduce the Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) and dive deep into what Scripture says about God’s mission and vision to ask, ‘What will it take to see this fulfilled in our nation and region?’ 

Scripture has the loudest voice in this training process, supplemented with practical tools that will help you apply these insights to your own context.
Will you allow the teaching and examples of Jesus and His disciples in the early church to re-shape the way you think about and engage in evangelism and discipleship? 

Participants are encouraged to participate as a team.

Kingdom and Culture Missions workshop

This workshop was previously called ‘Local Missions Workshop’ (LMW).

God’s vision is huge and He invites us to partner with Him as He actively reaches out to those who don’t know Him.

However, the majority of people in Singapore are not engaging with Him in traditional wineskins. Often it is our cultures that are the barrier to the people who want to be part of God’s kingdom.

This workshop is a one and a half-day workshop that helps attendees understand evangelism and mission in the light of Jesus’ Gospel and the story of God in the Bible.

This leads to a fresh understanding of the relationship between culture and the Kingdom of God, opening up possibilities for meaningful cross-cultural engagement and discipleship that are hidden in plain sight.

This workshop is suitable training for both local evangelism and cross-cultural mission. This workshop provides an overarching biblical framework for Disciple Making Movements (DMM) training.


MyWorld is all about following Jesus, making disciples and reaching the world. It is a community of practice; people gathering to reflect on Scripture, allowing our hearts to be challenged to care as God cares and to obey the great commission. Our hope is that for all people who are part of MyWorld, you will begin to reach all the networks and communities that make up your world.

MyWorld is a DMM training course consisting of 10 x half-day sessions, usually spread over 12 months, involving discussion, debrief from prior learning, prayer and teaching of content specific to DMM.