Queensland is a big place – stretching from the big cities on the coast to tiny regional communities across the outback. In this place, we have a diverse population, with huge mining resources, varied agricultural business and large tourism industry.

Our work

Our work always begins with prayer – praying passionately and persistently for the harvest. We seek access to communities and people groups through simple acts of service, as we find people of peace. We coach and mentor people of peace to reach their relational network through a discovery process. This enables people to become disciples, form groups and start churches. We aim for everything we do to be simple and reproducible.

Our team

Our team is made up of people young and old (and in-between) stretching across the state. We live in large cities and small isolated communities, working with a range of people including local farmers, community members, indigenous groups and refugees. We gather together once a month online and once a year face-to-face for prayer, learning and encouragement.

Our team