With more than two hundred million people, Indonesia is one of our closest neighbours. Indonesia is made up of many people groups with different expressions of religion, faith, language and culture. We work among one of the largest unreached people groups.

Our work

Our work is to take part in God’s movement taking place around this unreached people group. We train and equip a number of workers and local leaders in Disciple Making Movements and mentoring. Through this, we are building collaborative long-term relationships with a number of local leaders to support them as they make disciples.

In a student city close by, we are working to catalyse a disciple-making movement among young people. Working together with local partners we are developing a discipleship hub where practitioners can meet regularly to pray and encourage one another. The young people living in this student city come from all over the country.

Our team

We have a growing team connecting in this region – if you would like to know more, please contact [email protected].