Local Missions Training

May 2020 - October 2020

Singapore May – October 2020

Monthly: 9:30am – 1pm (1st Saturday of each month – dates below)

Local Missions DMM Training is a 6-month group discovery-based learning process that will transform how you engage with God & the harvest.

The Local Missions Training (LMT) teaches the fundamentals of disciple-making to help anyone interested in both local evangelism and cross-cultural missions. Our emphasis is to use simple steps particularly amongst people less comfortable in Christian settings. 

The training consists of half-day sessions over 6 months where we introduce the Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) and dive deep into what Scripture says about God’s mission and vision to ask, ‘What will it take to see this fulfilled in our nation and region?’ 

Scripture has the loudest voice in this training process, supplemented with practical tools that will help you apply these insights to your own context.
Will you allow the teaching and examples of Jesus and His disciples in the early church to re-shape the way you think about and engage in evangelism and discipleship? 

Participants are encouraged to participate as a team.

Reflections from past participants:

I am grateful for the time we spent in group discussions, looking into scriptures and sharing insights on how Jesus engaged the communities and how the disciples present the Gospels in ways that are relevant to different people groups. Scott’s guided questions are helpful and thought-provoking, we were able to learn from each other and be open about the mistakes we make in the process of disciple-making and community engagement.‘ – MS

‘I like the combination of teaching, practicum during the month before the next session, individual coaching and debriefing and yes, the group sharing – not just about the Bible text but also experiences from the practicum. It was good seeing Scott and Sarah working as a team to lead the sessions. Scott also referred us to current books which added another dimension. I had lots of questions when the wheel hit the road, and Scott was always ready for further coaching, often via WhatsApp.’ – YS

The training was good. Particularly useful – digging through scriptures during class and as homework definitely helped give me a better understanding of the early church’s disciple-making model. Listening to what the other participants were doing also gave me ideas how to have more intentional encounters with pre-believers.‘ – CSC


All trainers are practitioners with personal experience both locally in the Singapore context and in cross-cultural contexts regionally.


Covid-19 Considerations: Training will be conducted in accordance with Singapore Government guidelines on gathering size and social distancing, which may involve shifting the training to ‘online mode’. 

May 2nd

June 6th

July 4th

August 1st

September 5th

October 3rd

Attendees will need to commit to attending all 6 sessions.


To be confirmed on registration.


This training is heavily subsidised in order to ensure that it is accessible to anybody who wants it. Minimum suggested contribution depends on group size:

Single registration – $150 ($100 for full-time students)

Group – 2 people – $200

Group – 3 people – $210

Group – 4 people – $240

Group – 5 or more people – $50 per person

Upon registration we will be in touch regarding payment.


Required reading:

Contagious Disciple Making by David Watson and Paul Watson

Recommended reading:

Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale

Note: Physical copies will be available for purchase at cost price on the first day of the training. Ebooks available from Amazon.

For enquiries contact [email protected]