Focus Module: Champions


Helping Champions to clarify their life calling, highest contribution and focus on an affinity.

Saturday 23rd April to Saturday 28th May, 8.30am-9.30am (Singapore/HK time)

In this module, participants will reflect on their life journey so far, and how God has uniquely shaped them through their environments, experiences and wiring. Using the insights gained through this prayerful reflective process, each participant will draft a Personal Calling statement and come away with greater clarity regarding their highest Kingdom contributions, better positioned to lead and minister towards the things God is calling them to do. This module is designed specifically for groups, so come with your team or a group of Kingdom-minded people.


We are making this module available at no cost because we don’t want money to be an obstacle. We welcome anyone who wants to contribute financially or “pay-it-forward” as God leads. You can do so by giving through the Praxeis website. On the ‘give’ page, click on ‘Support a project’ and then select ‘Asia Cities Movement’ on the drop-down list. Click here to be directed to the giving page on the Praxeis website.

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