DMM training with Jim Yost

20 Aug - 4 Sep 2020

Online DMM training with Jim Yost

We’re really excited to hear from God together on what it means to make disciples that make disciples.  Jim Yost will be sharing with us virtually. 

The time commitment is 4 days of orientation (4 x 30 min video sessions) and 2 weeks of training. 

This two weeks of training includes video, audio and written resources that will be made available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

Each session has roughly 1.5 hours of homework. Your regional coordinator will reach out with a detailed schedule fitting in your timezones.

This training is designed for existing believers who have a desire to hear from God and obey what he says to make disciples.

When do we start?

Registration closes: 19 August

Orientation: 20 – 23 August

Session 1 begins: 24 August

Who is Jim Yost?

Jim Yost is a missionary with over 30 years of experience in South East Asia and a pioneer of Disciple-Making Movements across the region.