24/7 Prayer Week

12th - 18th February

What better way to kick start 2024 than a week of 24/7 Prayer?

Monday 12th – Sunday 18th February 

The focus for this week is two fold. 

A time to re-set and make sure we are ‘good to go’ as we launch into what God has for us in 2024

As we take time to pray and wait on God each day this week, ask …

How am I going with God ? 

What is God saying to me?

Is there anything I need to get right or re-set?

A time of Harvest focused prayer

In Australia this year we are focusing on prayer for our 8 capital cities as we ‘Pray for 8’

How is God leading as you pray for the harvest around you?

Prayerfulness is key to pursuing God’s vision as we go and make disciples.

So let’s carve out some time, at least one hour a day, to re-set for the year ahead and pray for the harvest around us.

We would love you to join us as we pray through this week covering each hour with prayer.

Simply sign up by selecting your time slot via our Praxeis calendar here:

Detailed information of how to sign up

Step 1 – Click on the above ‘Sign up’ button to open our Praxeis calendar (feel free to share this link with others you are inviting to pray). 

Step 2 – Click on the button, ‘Add New Event’

Step 3 – Fill in your details

  • ‘Event Title’ can just be your name or group’s name. 
  • ‘Event Description’ are extra details like your location, number of pray-ers if known or the focus of your prayer time, if known. Just say ’n/a’ if don’t want to share. 

Step 4 – Fill in your Start/End date and time

  • Optional: You can click on ‘Timezone’ below the first part of this section to select/type your location’s timezone. 
  • Optional: You can also click on ‘Schedule Multiple Events’ at the bottom of this section to make your prayer time repeat e.g. every day. 

Optional: You can share your Zoom link near the bottom of the page if you are inviting others to an online prayer meeting

Step 5 – Finally, click ‘Submit Event’ at the very bottom of the page

NB: You will be required to fill in the ‘Event Description’ box with something (e.g. your location, numbers, prayer focus or n/a).