90. Nairobi Gathering #4 – Roy Moran Pt. 1

Please note: this recording was done from back of the hall where the Catalyst camp was held. The audio has been affected as you will hear by the surrounds of heavy rain on one side and people on the other.  

We hear from movement leader Roy Moran, the author of Spent Matches which many of us have read. In this first of two podcasts, Roy shares a little of his journey to becoming part of DMM (Disciple Making Movement). He then gives his insights into what God is doing on the earth today with some key aspects of DMM. These are namely the power of obedience in the nature of the Gospel and the need to understand God’s purpose in using ordinary people. He finishes by making DMM deeply personal.

To watch this interview with Roy, click on the video below:

(In the next podcast, Roy will share more about DMM in the West.)

Roy’s story

Roy mentions how he always wanted to grow into a spiritual grandparent but it didn’t happen without key mentors who kept refocusing him towards DMM. Roy’s mentors were practitioners who gave away the Gospel. People like Bernard who said, “The day I enter a community is the day I begin to think how I can leave”.

Missing the power of obedience in the nature of the Gospel

Roy shares how he can purposefully miss quote the Great Commission in Matthew 28:20, saying, ‘…teaching them everything…’ and nobody notices that he has left out ‘to obey’.

Here are some comments Roy makes in regards to obedience rather than knowledge orientated discipleship:

  • We as the Body of Christ have conformed to this world by being captured by subject matter experts.

  • Jesus often teaches, ‘If you love me, do what I say’ (e.g. John 14:15). He doesn’t say ‘If you love me, know what I say’. We have allowed this sense of knowledge to overtake the application of truth…We have over swung the pendulum to being allergic to the idea of obedience to Jesus.

  • The Gospel is about obeying Jesus. But not in a way that we earn anything. We can’t earn his favour. But we can enjoy the benefits of being in the family that comes through obedience. 

God is using ordinary people in movements today

Roy explains how movements across the world is being characterised by ordinary people being used and included by God in his mission:

A great army of ordinary people have matched up to a tactic of ‘gospelling’ that is allowing them to be set free and transformed…They defined the problem correctly; the pain of the Father’s heart that his family isn’t there. [These ordinary people] are experiencing joy as they feel and relieve that pain. 

Roy describes how when we have families, they produced children that have families that have children:

Jesus has a dream of every one of his followers having spiritual grandchildren. But in most of our churches [in the West], there is only a tiny percentage of people who see this dream as normal in their spiritual journey.

Transformed by God

Roy personalises DMM to our inner worlds with this question: 

How does Jesus make a difference in my life? 

He suggests we are spending too long helping people being able to share their faith and not their story of how God is transforming them.

Finally, Roy closes this episode by calling us to allow the Father’s heart to break ours:

Yet we are not experiencing any of the pain on our Father’s heart. We have to sit with this until it breaks us.