87. Nairobi Gathering #1 – Dr Aila Tasse

Over the next few weeks, we are going to listen to some talks that have come straight out of the DMM (Disciple Making Movement) Global Catalyst Camp* in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Today we will listen to the introduction to the whole gathering by Dr Aila Tasse. Aila reflects about his previous struggle to believe that God would move amongst the 14 Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in his own context of Northern Kenya. He shares how he once thought, “It cannot happen here”. How faith was produced in his life. 

These days, we’re seeing not only movements happening amongst these 14 UPGs in Northern Kenya. But also across Eastern Africa. The very place the Catalyst Camp you’ll be listening to has been gathering. 

Be encouraged as you listen to Aila and others share over the coming weeks. Let faith be birthed in your heart afresh!

*This gathering of leaders from around the world have met together under the leadership of Aila Tasse. We are hearing of so many stories of movements that are happening in the hardest of places. Some are happening in UPGs that have long been fortresses to the Gospel. In some of these “impossible” places, today over 15,000 churches based around DMM are flourishing. 

It truly has been an inspirational time. As we start to examine and unpack the ideas that have been presented, we are learning…

  1. It’s really quite simple. 
  2. It’s really about obeying Jesus and what he started. The example he set to make disciples and the commands he gave live as disciples. 
  3. The wrestle of faith as we start to ask the question, “can movements actually happen in our context?”. As someone once said, “the hardest place to start a movement is right where you are”. We’re discovering that when we ask this question, faith is produced.