84. Online Training with Vicki

We have launched our Praxeis online training! Vicki joins the podcast to share how the training has been developed and shares its purpose. 

We hear how the training is for everyone, everywhere. In fact, that’s the very reason behind it. As the network grows around us, we see the need to equip people all across the world who might not be able to meet face to face. Vicki shares how this online training can be accessed by anyone in whatever space and be done at whatever pace they need. 

The content

Vicki takes us through the DMM Core Course, a collection of all that we have learn as Praxeis over the last decade. From places like India and Africa to people like David Watson, we’ve taken all our learnings and want to give it away as a gift. 

We hear from Vicki how we don’t feel like this training is the ‘silver bullet’. It is simply about pointing people to Jesus and the Word. Allowing God to lead and shape us as disciples and disciple makers. It’s for those who have a heart for the lost but feel confused or even scared at the thought of being a ‘disciple maker’.

The first half of the training as Vicki says, is all about God’s vision. His heart for the lost. Being caught up in Jesus’ mission and discovering afresh what it means to be a disciple that multiplies. 

Throughout the course, we’re invited to discover and obey God through his Word. We listen to the Spirit through prayer. And we are equipped to practically engage with the harvest like Jesus. 

Practical tools included

Vicki shares in depth about how the ‘4 Column Bible Study’ is super simple tool to help people hear God’s voice themselves and apply it. She shows how this tool and the training as a whole couples both knowledge and obedience to God’s Word. 

Equipping people to pray is essential as a disciple and to see movement. Vicki highlights prayer walking and mind-mapping as practical ways the trainings helps us pray personally and with others. She emphasises how each part of the course is about creating new rhythms that includes developing a rhythm of prayer into our lives. 

The Discovery Bible Study, Vicki says, is a great method to help the people around us discovery Jesus. She tells us how the course will encourage people to start a Discovery Group and also reflect on how it went. 

Who can do this course?

Anyone! You can do it alone or as a group. The key to it is being coached along the way. Praxeis will set you up with a coach to help you reflect on the content and encourage you to step it out. A coach is simply someone who is a few steps along in the journey of making disciple who can empower you. Beyond the course, the coach also continues to help you make what you have learnt become part of your life. 

How do I do the course?

Visit learn.praxeis.org and that’s it! Oh apart from having an internet connection and a notebook and a pen (for those 4 column bible studies that Vicki mentioned). At the end of the course you will be able to download your own course workbook that will include your “I will…” statements (obedience steps) and the resources you learnt along the way.

How much is the course?

It’s completely free

Will there be more Praxeis training online?

Yes, we are developing a follow up training for those who have started Discovery Groups.

Finally, Vicki encourages us as ordinary believers to have a go at making disciples. She believes that something will shift when we all give it a crack. “We might feel ordinary”, she says, “but with God with you, you’ll become extraordinary”.