81. Keys to Praying for a Region

This episode, we hear from our Praxeis team in Western Australia (WA). Jill, Karen and Rowan share with us what they have been up to as they strategically pray across this vast state. Learn how to take on a region in prayer where God has called you!

These guys give us some keys in how they have been not only praying across the city of Perth (WA) but the country towns of Australia’s biggest state. We hear stories of how they are engaging with people, spending time in all night prayer meetings and waking up for early morning prayer. Traveling vast distances, the team shares how they are connecting both broadly and locally as they prayer walk remote towns and pray for the schools their kids are attending. 

We learn how prayer is all about God. These guys speak of being caught up in God’s heart and vision. Prayer, Rowan says is simply how we are meant to be wired. It’s being part of God’s work not our work.

What Scripture teaches us about prayer

In view of Habakkuk 1:5, Karen shares how we shouldn’t be restricted by the confines of our own imagination and expectations. But instead its God who is doing the work in our communities and he can do anything! 

Jill casts a vision for not only WA, but God’s heart for the nations along the rim of the Indian Ocean. Reflecting on Psalm 46:10, Jill says, “God is doing stuff even though we might not see it…We just need to be still in prayer”. 

John 15:5 is a verse that often grounds Rowan. 

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.”

(John 15:5)

He tell us how he could be going around, doing lots of things. But he is reminded by this verse that unless God’s in it, then it’s not going to bear the fruit that he wants. 

Dave shares that when Jesus was in his resurrected form, he told his followers to stay until power came on them. Then they would be his witnesses (Acts 1:4,8). We know Jesus taught us to do lots of things. But we see clearly there was one thing he wanted his disciples to do in order to seeing a movement. It was to stay and pray. The book of Acts shows us how the early church stopped and prayed. God then took over. In this story, Jesus tells his disciples to prioritise prayer more than any other activity.  

Final insights

Finally we hear the group share some final insights into praying for a region. From following relational lines to embracing stubborn perseverance. God essentially just wants us to sit in his presence and hear his voice. And then be willing to be brave and step out!

Who knows what God will do if we persevere in prayer!?