64. Ways of Reaching Out – Paul King

We hear from Paul King in Middlesborough UK via a podcast done by Ben from Mission Somerset in England. As we join this podcast half way through, Paul is sharing how he is doing mission. There is so much here we can learn and be challenged to do as we listen to a sold out disciple maker share some great stories.

Through the stories Paul shares, he emphasises the importance of being a ‘family’ and meeting each other’s needs on top of any other desire. Paul describes how their community is becoming really attractive to others. They offer an upfront spirituality which shows people how “God must be alright, since these people are alright”. 

“Some people God has brought to us”, Paul says. They meet others through simply being obedient to God’s lead. One of the key learns along the way has been for Paul to open himself up to not being afraid of other people’s lifestyle choices. He has also been willing to give 12 months to a radically different ministry approach compared to what he was previously doing as a pastor. 

Paul openly shares his need for financial and prayer support and some insights into kingdom giving. To partner with Paul and get in touch, check out www.libertymission.org.uk

The podcast finishes with Paul challenging and praying for us. He urges us to stop. To offer God what we have, not worrying about what we don’t have. And ask God to multiply it.