61. Irreducible Elements of Movements and How to Get Started

What are the irreducible elements of movements? How can we get started? Drawing on scripture, experienced movements trainer and researcher, Stan joins Dave to answer some of these fundamental questions.

Stan begins highlighting some of the essentials of movements. Reflecting on his research of identifying 1,967 movements in the world today, Stan notices how movements often start movements. Perhaps the biggest barrier to movement he says, is the existing church and its paradigms.

But where do we start? Building a prayerful team is vital. Stan emphasises the importance of this initial group being trained and immediately training others. He lays out what he terms as ‘seven core activities’. These are

  1. Multiplying prayer
  2. Focusing on God’s word
  3. Casting vision
  4. Training others
  5. Engaging with the lost
  6. Starting groups
  7. Ongoing coaching

Finally, Stan challenges us to operate from not only a truth encounter but also a power encounter approach. He warns us how comparison will always steal our joy. He urges us instead to ‘lift our sails’ in faithful obedience, throwing off any extra baggage. This allows God to ‘blow his wind’, seeing movements take off.