48. Nazar’s Story

This week we have the joy of hearing from Nazar. He is part of the Iraqi team in Sydney’s western suburbs. Nazar recently shared his story with us as part of a Praxeis ‘Reaching Refugees’ training. He carries a vision for his own Iraqi people, especially those with disabilities.

This is a story of how Jesus has called Nazar to be his disciple. Nazar speaks openly about the challenges of being a refugee. You will hear similarities to other familiar stories like of Cornelius in Acts. Well before meeting us here in Australia, Nazar’s ‘prayers and gifts to the poor [back in Iraq had] come up as a memorial offering before God’ (Acts 10:4).

We see how God is already powerfully at work in people of peace. These days Nazar continues to start discipling groups amongst those with intellectual disabilities from his community. His passion is that more of his own people will encounter and follow Jesus just as he has.