46. Jacqui Grey – Courageous Women #1

We continue our series on ‘Courageous Women’ as we seek to affirm and encourage women on mission. We’re diving deep over the next two weeks as we look at a biblical perspective on women in ministry. It’s great to have Rev Prof Jacqueline Grey with us from Alphacrucis University College.

Jacqui shares some of her own background as a woman in the church who has sought to study the scriptures. She then begins to unpack some of the context women faced in New Testament times. For instance, was it normal for women to be students (disciples) during this time?

In this first of two episodes with Jacqui, we start to form a biblical basis for the value God has towards women. Looking broadly at the Old Testament, Jacqui reveals the deep significance of God including both ‘male and female’ in his own image.

Whether you are a man or women, you will be blessed by Jacqui’s insights that she passionately shares with us over these two weeks.