41. Wolfgang Simson #1

This week we have Wolfgang Simson from Germany share with us his powerful story and insights into church.

Coming from a Lutheran church background, Wolfgang speaks about his deep discontentment with the status quo of the Christianity around him as a young man. Carrying a passionate heart to see justice, he talks about his search for answers in communism. Finally he encounters an angel as a taxi driver one night. From then, he passionately follows Jesus, still struggling to find answers in traditional church structures. He starts learning that he needs to join in what God is doing in Muslim and then Hindu contexts.

Wolfgang confronts our religiosity as he asks us whether our church planting is helping or in fact contributing more to the problem? He has carried a strong apostolic and prophetic voice to us as the church over many years.

Get ready to be challenged. To model a type of church that is worth multiplying. To follow and obey Jesus in every area of life.