38. From Wollongong – David Milne

We continue to engage with what movements look like in the West. This week we hear from David Milne, a movement catalyser and coach from the ‘steel city’ of Wollongong, Australia. Since carrying a burden for his generation in his young adulthood, Dave has increasingly dived into participating in and studying movements.

Dave shares with us some of his learns over the years. Including the importance of seeing disciple makers belonging to a wider team. For the coaching of workers to pray and sow widely. How vital it is to journey with each other to overcome difficulties and go through paradigm shifts. These are some great insights for us to grasp from Dave who continues to empower and up-skill many across various contexts to share with others and not give up.

Be spurred on as you listen to Dave’s longing for us to keep pressing into God and to maintain our focus on reaching the lost.