14. Stuart Robinson – Movement in South Asia

Many will know Stuart Robinson as a significant leader within the Aussie Church. He and his wife Margaret broke new ground as a pioneer missionary of contextualisation in South Asia. This work planted the seeds of a movement which was to grow to tens of thousands. After that he went on to be the pastor of what was to become Australia’s largest Baptist Church. He is a voice well worth listening to. Now having ‘retired’, he has a global ministry. In this season he travels extensively into many nations. Making disciples and multiplying gospel movements amongst unreached people groups is what he lives for.

This is the second of a series of 3 podcasts with Stuart. In this post Stuart shares his story seeing movement in South Asia. We discuss multiplication, contextualisation and establishing groups who grow. You will learn of the importance of the person of peace.

Stuart’s numerous books and resources can be found at this website drstuartrobinson.com