10. Reaching the Gypsies of Eastern Europe – Gabi

Listen to this exciting report coming straight out the fields of Gypsy villages in Transylvania. We are hearing from Gabi Haidinger, the leader of our DMM team there, as they have focussed on this wonderful, warm and hospitable people group who face constant poverty and discrimination.

Gypsies descend from nomadic tribes in India that roamed through to Europe and the Middle East about 1000 years ago. They now live as a marginalised people, in isolated communities and villages. Struggling with often extreme poverty they live day-to-day in difficult housing on the margins of society.

The team visited this region of transylvania in Romania just before the outbreak of COVID. Being unable to return until now, they went back in nearly two year later and to their surprise people had taken the Discipleship training. Churches have been started around Discovery. Semi-illiterate people are running churches and lives are being transformed! Households are ready for baptism. They are seeing Gypsy leaders disciple others.

The context is simple, yet filled with deep spiritual hunger. The tinder is dry. The flint of the word and prayer has ignited the flame. We are looking for the raging fire to sweep through this people!