Report from Central India

After an exciting launch with their regional leaders this January, the team in Central India committed to double their numbers by another 500 Discovery Groups and churches this year … everything has changed due to COVID-19.

India is in major lockdown until at least the end of the month (April 30th). This means most business has stopped. The poor are suffering, with many who live ‘hand-to-mouth’, living in hunger. There are already reports of starvation of the elderly and the poor. In Chhattisgarh and Raipur, there are 6 reported cases of COVID-19, and about 5700 in total for India. These are mainly in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi- this is what is being reported. If the virus was to spread in the villages of India it will be widespread and be devastating. 

Our primary leader and family are well and in good health. All their leaders are in lockdown in many areas.

In the DMM network in the 5 regions of Central India, the churches within the network are taking up offerings. Importantly the leaders themselves are leading the way in generosity, leading by example. The example of the early church from the book of ACTS has been their guide. As a movement, they are practising sacrificial generosity. Many offerings (mainly small) of rice, potatoes and oil are being given. Some as little as 100grams of rice are being offered to help the poor, the small amounts representing the widow’s mite. In the midst of this, there seems to be joy amongst the leaders. 

As we give in this Easter offering, we are joining with the church who are practising generosity and sacrificial giving. All gifts will be spread through the DMM network and all monies will be accounted for.

They are especially glad to be a part of the Praxeis family and send their greetings to us all. They are using the lockdown time to pray, and are also praying for us. 

They are especially asking for prayer for the DMM network, that it would still grow in this season. That DBSs would be started and continue. That the gospel (through Discovery Groups and making disciples) would continue to spread. And where many groups have started in very poor regions, that they would be able to care for them. 

Our offering for Eastern Europe and India will run to April 30th. You can give through the Easter Offering here