Our response to COVID-19

This advice is current as of Thursday 27 August 2020.

Responding to COVID-19

With the advice given by the Australian Government and medical experts, there will need to be changes made to the way Praxeis works and gathers, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to respond to this crisis prayerfully, considering how we can be proactive and with the expectation that God is at work. 

The following is our current advice to the Praxeis community:

Personal response
  • Model good hygiene practice – especially good handwashing and sneeze and cough hygiene.
  • Practise social distancing – keeping a distance of 1.5 meters from others (even if you are well).
  • If you are unwell, self-isolate and contact a medical professional.
  • Let your immediate Praxeis contact know if you are unwell.
Groups and meeting

Follow the guidelines on gathering together according to the rules of your state or country.

Here are some links to help you know what to do:

Supporting and caring for vulnerable people

Be especially vigilant with regard to people who:

  • have a compromised immune system (e.g. Cancer)
  • are elderly
  • are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as many people have higher rates of chronic illness
  • have been diagnosed with chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, lung disease and high blood pressure
  • are young children and babies.

Please make sure these people are not put at any further risk by attending prayer and other Praxeis gatherings.

Specific settings

Please consider people who are in:

  • residential settings
  • detention facilities.

Seek guidance from the institutions and stop any programs (e.g. Discovery Groups) that involve groups.

Caring for others

As the situation continues to change, it’s important that we think how God is encouraging us to be the church differently – to see God at work and how we can be disciples in this situation. May we look out for others and consider creative ways to build relationships, care for people and share the hope and love of Jesus.

Ask yourself:

  • How can we encourage people to see God at work?
  • How can we help people who are isolated?
  • How can we help people who have fear or anxiety?
  • Do I know someone who needs a phone call, a video chat or their shopping done?
  • How can we continue to build discipling relationships from a distance?
More information

Please note this advice is subject to change.

For further information, please look at these links: