With over 300,000 international students arriving every year to study in Australian universities alone, our campuses are truly one of the most fertile grounds for the Gospel.

With local students questioning everything, Chinese internationals never hearing about Jesus and our current tertiary aged young adult Christians walking away from the traditional church in record numbers, the harvest fields of lecture rooms are plentiful.

Despite the enormous and faithful work of campus-based Christian clubs, the harvest still remains plentiful and the workers remain few. Jesus is wanting to send out many more workers into the good soil of these student groups.  

Our work

We are praying together, being trained, coached and mentored to reach the campuses where God has placed us across Australia and New Zealand. We dream of seeing local and international students reached with the Gospel and sent into workplaces, families and even back into some of the most unreached people groups in the world.

As they pray, we find open and hungry students through spiritual conversations. Discovery Bible Studies are created where these students start to discover God and learn to obey and share Him with others.

Our team

Our growing team is made up of Chinese lecturers, Sydney students, Melbourne graduates and New Zealand workers who share God’s vision for universities.

Our team